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A Call to All Artists, Join the Movement!

A Call To All Poets.

If I am reading the times correctly, in the coming days, we will find ourselves in the middle of a full-fledged movement and revolution. A movement against the corporate system as we know it and the 1%, that threatens to put in danger our ability to sustain ourselves and our communities. I believe that we stand at the beginning of something big, the moment of revolution lingers before us, hanging ever so delicately by a thread that is bound by the strength of our people, and our ability to work together and imagine a new world. If we are to succeed, we the people must be strong in our convictions, trusting in our comrades, brave in our initiation, and intuitive in our creation.

Will we rise?

Not an easy task to accomplish against a power so destructive. But that is not what we are afraid of, the power of the beast we have known so well. We have seen with our eyes and we have been speaking to the corruption around us, we have given voice to the stories of our struggle under the oppressive forces of a capitalistic beast so destructive in its untamed force, millions are destroyed under its foot every day. This is the world we have found ourselves in, and this is the time in which we have been called to write, to call forth, to create, to tear down, to build up, and to speak the power of words into being. This is the moment in which each and everyone of us have been working for, writing for, living and dying for. On stages and behind microphones all across our nation, we have shared our hearts, our pain, and the heavy burden that comes with carrying forth the message of liberation to the people. For so many of us, we have endured the struggles of earning a living wage vs. trying to do what we love the most and have had moments where it seems we are preaching a silent message, a message unheard by anyone but ourselves.

“Times are changing”

But things have been changing, and from where I stand, it looks like many have been listening. Perhaps more people than we thought or imagined would. It seems that our efforts to play our part in the struggle, to give voices to those that are made silent, to speak out against the powers that exist, is finally being heeded. Our warnings are being noted, and our inspiring words are becoming fuel for the movement. Let us take a moment to recognize the power rising amongst our people. The words that we have spoken as food for thought is fast becoming inspiration for action.

Where do you Stand?

Perhaps many are still on the fence about where they stand. Wondering if this is just a flash in the pan that will quickly fade. Perhaps you are not aware of the movement at all. If any of the above applies, it would be worth a second to pause and see what is happening around us. The people are ready to rise up, we are taking control of our own media, we are making our own voices heard, we are working together in solidarity and in community, we are awakening.

What is our role?

But still, there will be many that try to oppose us. There will be brothers and sisters that write us off as slackers, unorganized and immoral rebels. The police will be used as weapons to protect the few and their interests. And we must be ready to face this opposition. There will be many more who will remain apathetic to their cause, and we must continue on, be the force that inspires even the most cynical amongst us to recognize their own place in the 99%. We are the 99%. In the coming days, let us combine our efforts towards inspiring the people in our communities to become a part of their movement. Let us do the work that we have been so faithfully devoted to. Let us speak words that move in the depths of our collective dreams, move in the remembrance of revolutionaries before us, and create a new world made by our own hands, and imaginations. Let us use the power of words to call the masses, to inspire them to rise up and become a part of this movement.

We are the 99%.

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Poetry and Revolution.

The #Occupywallstreet Movement is gaining a lot of momentum and many people feel that we could be at the beginning stages of revolution.  As we sit and watch these events unfold (or maybe you are already out there occupying) the question becomes, “How do we use our unique gift with words and poetry to help empower the movement?”

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

As one of our forefathers warned us, “The revolution will not be televised.  And of course, Mr. Gil Scott- Heron was right.  As we move forward, the media has blatantly ignored the events happening in NY and across the globe.  For now, that is to our advantage.  We are creating our own media, generating our own coverage, and becoming our own reporters.  Through the power of technology, social media, and innovation, we are building a movement not only physically in the spaces we occupy, but are also able to build a movement of information, news, and communication within our own ranks.

“Where are all the Poets at?”

I’ve been soaking up a lot of imformation as I scour news feeds, group pages, web sites, and anything I can get my eyes on to understand what is happening in the world around us, and the communities that are rising up to participate.  As a result I have been a bit confused to see what seems like a lack of response from the poetry community.  There could be a few things going on here that are possibilities as to why it seems this way to me. Tell me what you think.

#1 Perhaps there is a lot of activity happening amongst the poetry community and I’m just not seeing the it from afar. If so, connect me to the those resources

#2 Maybe Poets don’t believe in the movement just yet.  I can sympathize, we have been speaking about the injustices and thievery of corporations for awhile now and for so long it seemed like no one was listening. What will it take for us to realize that maybe people were listening all along?

#3 Perhaps this isn’t a movement that represents us? So we are going to sit back and watch as it fades away…..

I honestly don’t know where most people stand in regards to this, (minus the others that have been posting on their feeds to generate awareness) and perhaps the movement is still in its early stages. As I move forward in my own work and vision, I would like to get a read of where other poets are at and what their thoughts on this movement are.  We have an opportunity to provide an amazing gift in this moment, and I believe that we have the ability to really give this revolution the push it will need in the coming days, weeks, months or however long it takes to see change occur.

Let’s Discuss

I for one, believe that we could be on the brink of some serious change.  It seems that we are at a point where the people are fed up and are finally willing to do something about it.  I know for a fact that at EVERY poetry reading I have been to in my life there has been at least one mention of corporate greed, economic injustice, police brutality, non-violence, peace, new world visions, and many of the other connected issues that surround this movement.  I believe that this has been in the ethos and the fabric of the work that we do as a poetry community for decades.  In many ways, we have been the most consistent and prophetic voices of dissent providing a platform for people to speak their grievances.  Am I wrong in assuming that the Poetry Community should be coming out in FULL FORCE for this movement and working towards playing our part in following through with all of the words we have spoken?

Your thoughts?

How can we come together as a community and be a powerful inspiration to rally the people to rise up?  Can we be the voice of dissent that helps people on the outside understand what is happening?  Can we be a voice of a movement that desperately needs all of its participants to passionately play their parts if we are to have a chance at changing the corrupt system in place and begin building anew? I’ve got ideas, and some things in place, but I need to know if there are other poets out there that we can stand with. I would like to know that there are others out there that are willing to take the time and work to contribute to a unique moment in our history and become an active part of the movement.  If you are interested, let’s plan.  If you are still skeptical, let’s discuss.  If you are unaware, get yourself educated.  Regardless of where you stand, now is not the time to be idle. The revolution will be Live! Spread the Word!

Let’s Rise up.  We are the 99%

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