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Who We Are.

We are the people, and we are beginning to rise up into the trembling reverberations of a spirit cascading amongst us,
filling lungs with air that breathes out the cries for justice into fires that burn down these walled streets that we were surrounded by
We are knocking forcefully at their foundations.
And they hear us.
We are passion and justice igniting flames of imaginations into beacons of light shining forth into the darkness
that we have been engulfed by for far too long
And we are shouting out a call to action declaring to the rest of the world loudly with fierce voices:
We are awakening from our slumber.
And we will not rest until we create together a liberation of all people.
We hold the signs of the times in our hands, filling our cities across this land
with a spirit of non-violence echoing louder than any war across the sea could ever try to silence,
We have had enough and the violence that attaches itself to our names is no longer acceptable amongst us.
We are Rising up.
We are the creativity that has been birthed from the spirit of our communities
that is beginning to make ripples across the endless sound waves of their messages,
the false advertising of their programs, their attempts at programming through media,
The lies of their media through misinformation, we are creating our own information,
and we are shattering the screens of the false American narrative with the rising of
New story tellers, creating a new mythology for the people to embrace.
Through #hashtags and trending topics that rise as we rise.
We are a manifestation of the imagination of the people,
coupled with a force of bravery ready to span the chasms of the time it will take to begin moving,
We are rooting deep into the public spaces we occupy,
communing with the trees as they show us what it means to stand firm.
Teaching each other the lessons we have learned in how to be strong.
Building together new ways amongst us to help us Hold our Ground.
For we are a people that will NOT BE MOVED.
And as I see the spirit unfold across our nation,
See the faces of the people as the books we are writing
listen to the twitter of our heartbeat,
witness the river of live streams baptize us in the spirit of co-operation
I am certain that the narrative will arise as we continue to engage in the peaceful awakening of our people
We are Occupistas!
Let us continue to move forward, let us remember who we are by retelling our stories,
Sharing our personal narratives with each other in honest vulnerability and strength in solitude.
Let us not forget to move forward boldly in making a path for who we want to become
While imagining the world that we are working together to create.
For together we are unstoppable, and with our imaginations, a whole new world is possible.
We are those who believe.
We are the 99%

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Poetry and Revolution.

The #Occupywallstreet Movement is gaining a lot of momentum and many people feel that we could be at the beginning stages of revolution.  As we sit and watch these events unfold (or maybe you are already out there occupying) the question becomes, “How do we use our unique gift with words and poetry to help empower the movement?”

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

As one of our forefathers warned us, “The revolution will not be televised.  And of course, Mr. Gil Scott- Heron was right.  As we move forward, the media has blatantly ignored the events happening in NY and across the globe.  For now, that is to our advantage.  We are creating our own media, generating our own coverage, and becoming our own reporters.  Through the power of technology, social media, and innovation, we are building a movement not only physically in the spaces we occupy, but are also able to build a movement of information, news, and communication within our own ranks.

“Where are all the Poets at?”

I’ve been soaking up a lot of imformation as I scour news feeds, group pages, web sites, and anything I can get my eyes on to understand what is happening in the world around us, and the communities that are rising up to participate.  As a result I have been a bit confused to see what seems like a lack of response from the poetry community.  There could be a few things going on here that are possibilities as to why it seems this way to me. Tell me what you think.

#1 Perhaps there is a lot of activity happening amongst the poetry community and I’m just not seeing the it from afar. If so, connect me to the those resources

#2 Maybe Poets don’t believe in the movement just yet.  I can sympathize, we have been speaking about the injustices and thievery of corporations for awhile now and for so long it seemed like no one was listening. What will it take for us to realize that maybe people were listening all along?

#3 Perhaps this isn’t a movement that represents us? So we are going to sit back and watch as it fades away…..

I honestly don’t know where most people stand in regards to this, (minus the others that have been posting on their feeds to generate awareness) and perhaps the movement is still in its early stages. As I move forward in my own work and vision, I would like to get a read of where other poets are at and what their thoughts on this movement are.  We have an opportunity to provide an amazing gift in this moment, and I believe that we have the ability to really give this revolution the push it will need in the coming days, weeks, months or however long it takes to see change occur.

Let’s Discuss

I for one, believe that we could be on the brink of some serious change.  It seems that we are at a point where the people are fed up and are finally willing to do something about it.  I know for a fact that at EVERY poetry reading I have been to in my life there has been at least one mention of corporate greed, economic injustice, police brutality, non-violence, peace, new world visions, and many of the other connected issues that surround this movement.  I believe that this has been in the ethos and the fabric of the work that we do as a poetry community for decades.  In many ways, we have been the most consistent and prophetic voices of dissent providing a platform for people to speak their grievances.  Am I wrong in assuming that the Poetry Community should be coming out in FULL FORCE for this movement and working towards playing our part in following through with all of the words we have spoken?

Your thoughts?

How can we come together as a community and be a powerful inspiration to rally the people to rise up?  Can we be the voice of dissent that helps people on the outside understand what is happening?  Can we be a voice of a movement that desperately needs all of its participants to passionately play their parts if we are to have a chance at changing the corrupt system in place and begin building anew? I’ve got ideas, and some things in place, but I need to know if there are other poets out there that we can stand with. I would like to know that there are others out there that are willing to take the time and work to contribute to a unique moment in our history and become an active part of the movement.  If you are interested, let’s plan.  If you are still skeptical, let’s discuss.  If you are unaware, get yourself educated.  Regardless of where you stand, now is not the time to be idle. The revolution will be Live! Spread the Word!

Let’s Rise up.  We are the 99%

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