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We exist in the infinite.

The waiting beyond the moments of waking is an illusion,
believe in the reality that dreams are not make-believe
but memories multiple in origin
deeply rooted in wisdom both ancient and future.
The wise counsel of elders paints
pictures by which we can remember
a clearer vision of the past,
given to us by those who created it
instead of by those have destroyed it.

The first thing to notice about a person
is how interested they are in your story.
there is so much violence that happens
in the destroying or forgetting of human experience.
the joys of triumph that echo into hearts
not stolen from another but celebrated with in remembrance.
Or the defeat of a recklessness so powerful
in its tide, all are wiped out in its wake.
These are the times in which we live
and both the future and past present themselves to us
as gifts in that we might understand this moment.
here, and now
they try come and go in the movement of hope or nostalgia
but in their true stillness they exist in the infinite.

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