Poet John Paul (J.P. Martinez) is a Los Angeles Native, currently living in Sacramento Ca. He is a spoken word artist, performer, writer, philosopher, community organizer and activist. Often labeled a dreamer by his peers, family, lovers and community, you can find him dreaming and performing at a variety of venues across California. Getting his start at “A mic and dim lights” he has fallen in love with the spoken word medium and has found his calling as a poet and storyteller in a generation in need of new mythology.

He uses his imagination to paint a new world of possibilities on the canvas of humanity, believing that as long as we have the ability to dream we have the ability to create a new world of vision, inspiration, and hope, working together with and for each other.

He has released his first Chapbook entitled “We Can All Be Brave” available for purchase, and is currently working on a new material and preparing for new projects in Sacramento.

He has competed in numerous slams in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire area as well as currently in the northern California region.  2010 was his first full year of slam competition and made it to the semi-finals for both the Inland Empire Slam team as well as the Brass Knuckles LA Slam team. He looks to improve upon those results in the coming years and eventually represent a city at the National Poetry Slam Competitions.

This coming year is an exciting time for future prospects and 2011 will see J.P. open up new horizons and adventures to continue his work, his poetry, and learning more about life and what it means to live as an artist in this context and current evolution of our world.  New and exciting visions will be coming along the way, so stay tuned and continue your support for this young artist who is on the journey to continuously on the path to finding his voice in each moment for this day.  Blessings!


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