To be sent back in time
With the power to recall
The velocities at which we soar through galaxies
In order to feel alive in the touch of uncertainty
That forces colors unseen upon the canvas
Becoming the masterpiece
Unbound in the rules of folklore or form
A frenzied future in relentless passion
Forging its steel in the Sun
Alchemy of boundless inspiration
Untethered in conventions of value
Soaring through possibilities infinite
Shattering all assumptions of time and space
in ways we have already known and yet to reveal

For instance,
The plains in the distance
Still open in their futures are ripe with surprises laying in wait
The movement of fire creating wind through the wings of a pheonix
rising from burnt alkali scorching our fears into dust
Washed away in the water
We uncover our steps as we blaze forward into trails of darkness
Carried by feet that illuminate rich color
Searing compassion
In the marks of unbending strokes
That smash through walls
Words of impact collapsing into barriers that collapse
under the weight of their Truth
For We are all stories tall
Rooted skyscrapers in Babylon
Mirrors of a Zeitgeist intentionally reflected into our eyes
Blinding us from seeing the light that we already are
We must ignite our courage where our truest expression
becomes swords of bravery ready to cut down fear in its attempt
To suffocate the breathing force alive in each being
We are breaking loose of binds that keep captive
The coming alive of hands in the shifting and forming of loose color
That vibrate the echoes of a stirring unbridled
We are burning effigies frozen frames of time
Bending them endlessly in the waiting of clarity
Not all of us are patient enough to wait out.
Through creation there is destruction
In destruction is left sacred space for creation
Separated they are impossible sides of the same coin
Together they become the true form of currency still waiting to be redeemed

For there are countless new words still needing to be spoken into existence
As parables float in the ever shifting winds of evolving spirits
Guiding us into lands unexplored
through the courage to move forward into the unknown
In the readiness of alert and subtle memories
Swimming in the dreamscapes ready to be unravled
Follow in the direction in which hands move
They always show the way
Trusting in the push and pull of expressions that emerge
When the storms begin to require weathering
Study within the forces inside seeking to be unleashed
Pay attention to the impulse of creation or destruction
The pulsating rhythm if vibrating matter
reverberating through bodies in trance
in the time of eternal creation
Listen carefully
Bold and Bravely
As we find spirits and bodies together
finally ready to become ourselves.


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