The revealing

1.A dream within a dream
Where I found myself as a solitary traveler
Wandering towards destinations unrevealed
My feet, slow going on the highway
Blend frazzled fractured memories
Into dreamscapes still unfamiliar to my vision
My body felt weary from burdens I had carried for far too long
As if I were hunting after werewolves
Hidden under shadows of the darkest night of my eclipsed moon
Or dancing with demons of fear tethering my feet to the ground though I know I have the strength to move mountains with the stomping of my feet
Still brushing the dirt of my eggplant colored heart
When people say that purple signifies bruising
They speak of blood meeting under skin still too resistant to let go and if its true that divinity enters through the wounds
Then How did this image of a man, solitary and scorned, become me?

2. Awakening into a dream
I found myself rooted down
With an overwhelming sense
That I’ve been sent out on a journey
to discover the reasons I exist in this world
in the bodily ways that I do.
Lungs mimicking the movement of my prayers summoning divinity through the inhale and exhale of my breathe.
A beating heart, protected yet vulnerable
Learning love through the subtle movement of my hands
through the closing of my fists
And the opening of palms
Feeling my way to freedom
Like maps coming from my heart through psalms
Teaching me that love exists between the lines
Of learning how to let go, and when to hold on
In my chest, I carry remnants of the bridges I have burned
Just trying to understand the difference
Still, after all is said and done,
Is the only way I know to walk
To proceed with cautious abandon
Throw reckless to the wind
Let everything else fall idle to the wayside
Until I find myself lost staring down the entrance of a road I’m sure I have never been.
It’s a lonely road to take I know,
But I must take it nonetheless

3. The rebirth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes
Is a redemption story unlike many others
With fire blazing majestically from its wings
The Pheonix in its attempt to return to all that it once loved
Once again, burns everything to ashes in the wake of its own flame
Even repaired bridges stand no chance at its fury.
So it is known that the Phoenix often rises,
never to be seen again
But the trees, the trees those burned bridges were once made of
Tell the story of rebirth in a much different fashion.
Each autumn, their leaves slowly ignite
mimicking the color of fire;
Blazing Reds
Bright-Tip Flamed Yellows
Orange that mirrors a reflection of the suns halo
For a season, their beauty displays crowns of splendor as a moment to revel in the royalty they are
Yet still, they must shed their leaves to the ground transforming beauty to ashes in the stripping of their branches left naked for the winter.
I asked them
And I remember that spring is just around the corner
Trust deeply in the cycles of life that you have walked
And You will know that rebirth is found not only in the purging flames of a fiery pheonix flying into the sunset
but also in the leaves of your autumn sacrificing themselves to become the new soil in which you root yourself down.

4.These are the lessons and dreams I have had to learn and see in order to blaze these wings freely, without burning everything that I love to the ground.


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