Holiday greetings, new year reflections.


I just returned to Sacramento after 12 days in southern Cali.  It’s so wonderful and fun to be together with my family and friends. Many people I haven’t seen in a long time and friends that remind me of so much about myself when I was younger. It’s also really revealing in the ways we have shifted and evolved in our own personal journeys since. While we reflect back on past memories, dreams come back into sight from the foreground of the foundations in which we have been set. I attribute so much of who I am to my journey as a whole, not only in this lifetime, but also in lifetimes past. And in so many ways, the past that I have created myself in, is somehow connected to the future self that I will create to be. The movement of those that have been connected at one moment, spin off into orbits throughout the universe and still we can come together for split seconds at a time on a ride that reaches depths and heights so amazingly vast and yet so cosmically close some times it can be so much of a head spin in the far reaches of the different parts of ourselves we can touch, and also so grounding when the foundations of those that love so much of who you have already become without them even knowing.

It gives me strength to continue on in the journey, knowing there are so many people in the distances still aware of your orbit, and though I explore with such ferocity on new plains, it is grounding to feel the weight of so many that pull for you in the ways they can, and in ways that others will not. We all have our own orbits to soar through, our own fears to overcome, and so many other battles that we must face alone, but in others, it is nice to come together for a rest, to let down your guard of the places that were once so familiar in our lives.

Reflection for a new year

As the year comes to an end, and the common reflections surrounding the turning of a calendar begin to rise to the surface, and we find ourselves in the midst of siblings, cousins, old friends, aunts,uncles, parents and grandparents give yourself a moment to remember the places that have gotten you here to this point, take time to thank them for all that they have taught you and the ways in which they have given to you. And let that gratitude propel you into the next stage of your life, as you continue to recreate yourself in the forces around you that push and pull to mold you into the movement of who you are and who you are becoming.

Thank You!

Blessings to you all during this holiday season and thank you for your support.  If you are taking your time to read this then to me, you are truly one of those people that have been a part of the trajectory of my life, and have been a blessing and support to me in this journey. For that I am grateful and may this be a moment for me to say thank you for that support.  This new year has a lot of wonderful new things in store and I can feel a surge of inspiration beginning to rise up.  The time to continue working and blazing trails has come upon me once again and am excited to share the new discoveries and adventures that come along with the ride. Blessings to you all and may you have a wonderful new year!



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