Writing again

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to really connect with my writing in the last two years or so.  I have gone through so many shifts in the seasons of life, learned so many new lessons, deepened my own understanding of my self and have been going non-stop.  Since May 2010 it’s been a whirl wind of movement.  I moved from my hometown of Los Angeles up north to Sacramento.  I left my family, my community and so many of the things that have inspired me to write my first Zine/Chapbook, We Can All Be Brave.  That was such a powerful time of my life leading up to that, and having uprooted myself to construct another chapter of my life, my writing was one of the first things to take a break in trying to understand all of the shifting thats been going on.  Rooting myself here and experiencing the new seasons of life (they have Fall and Winter in Sacramento!!! Can you believe it!) I had a lot of lessons to learn and ways in which it was important for me to evolve and to draw new words from these surroundings.  For that past year and a half it has been so many new experiences and so many deep levels of love and loss, sex  and friendship and connecting with my own body in new ways has led me to a new chapter of my writing.  With the lunar eclipse last week and the setting of new intentions for the new year, I can feel the shifting of energy in my creative forces begin to awaken again.  To rise amongst the ashes of its death, only to find new life and strength, to find new subtelties and truth in the honest ways I have become myself.  I am enjoying the new processes and ideas, and learning how to adapt to the speed of it all.  Through Yoga and some meditation I am expanding my creative conciousness and doing a lot of dream work as well.  It is good to have the feeling again.  And though I know the breaks in my writing is just as important for my work in doing what I do, it feels good to be on the writing side of it again.



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