Hey friends!

Today is the 1st Sunday of the month, and that means there is a poetry slam in the northbay!

About the Slam:
The Northbay Poetry Slam, hosted every first sunday of the month at
Hopmonk Tavern is the perfect supporting atmosphere for talents of all
ages and all experience levels.

The Northbay Poetry Slam is the only monthly slam hosted in Sonoma County.
Every month brings out more fresh & talented poets, ranging from poets on a
national level, to former Northbay Slam winners, to poets fresh to the stage.

I slammed here last Fall and got third place which still had a 35 dollar cash prize which was pretty good for 3rd place!

But I know that I could have won the slam that evening.  It would be nice to take home the 1st place cash prize tonight.  Something has shifted for me in my expression in the last few months and I have been feeling so much more comfortable in my body and in my words.  I am excited to see how this shifts my performances.  I have been practicing all of my old poems breathing new life into them and have been so excited to test them out tonight! So send out all of your vibes this evening around 8-10 as I slam tonight!

If you are in the area and are interested in going to the slam with us tonight, hit me up! Roll out with us for a fun evening! leaving here around 4ish to enjoy the day and the drive! See you soon!

See y’all soon, I’ll update y’all with the results,



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