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Is the revolution here?

In mid July, the magazine Adbusters, which I have been reading on and off over the last 5 years, called for a time of action.  They challenged readers, activists, designers, creators, and a new generation of people to come together and begin a revoolution.  On Septemeber 17th, a couple doze or so people began occupying Wall Street at Zucotti Park near Wall Street.  They began gathering under the banner of protesting against capitalistic greed that has been at the center of our recession, our loss of democracy, jobs being sent abroad, and the student loan debt that so many have been stuck with, while politicians are being bought out by bailed out banksters.

From the beginning, this movement has had the make-up of adbusters type thinking and thought at its center.  The voice of the people is beginning to be heard, and the movement is on the brink of awakening the global consciousness that lies dormant in the heart of so many people.  In the middle of a recession and economic downfall, so many young people are becoming disenchanted with the American Dream.  People are beginning to recognize the farce that exists in the so-called rules of the game.  It used to be that America represented the “Land of Opportunity” and the place where people can climb the ladder and find their dreams.  Slowly, this dream has become a nightmare, as the last three decades represent a slow build of capitalistic corporations slowly building their empires, while most of the public is dazed into a zombie like trance purchasing all the goods they put out.  This is no-longer acceptable to the general public and it looks like the #occupywallstreet movement, aided by the use of technology, social media such as twitter and facebook is beginning to spread the word across the nation, and quickly people are starting to pay attention.  It seems like many other cities are already beginning to join the cause and stand in solidarity with OccupyWallStreet.

Pay attention in the coming weeks as this movement grows and begins to gain the attention of a national media and see how it begins to sweep up the masses.  I have a feeling that this is going to be something big, something that we will be telling our grandkids about, the movement that shook up the whole world and brought about a new way of living.  I can tell from the spirit of the people and the message that is rising that the power of the people is quickly beginning to be realized amongst us.  Stay tuned, it is still early, but we are creating our own media, we are standing up for ourselves against the authorities, and we have reached a point where we have had enough.  The stirrings of revolution are among us, listen carefully and you may be able to hear the call. Rise UP

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Hey friends!

Today is the 1st Sunday of the month, and that means there is a poetry slam in the northbay!

About the Slam:
The Northbay Poetry Slam, hosted every first sunday of the month at
Hopmonk Tavern is the perfect supporting atmosphere for talents of all
ages and all experience levels.

The Northbay Poetry Slam is the only monthly slam hosted in Sonoma County.
Every month brings out more fresh & talented poets, ranging from poets on a
national level, to former Northbay Slam winners, to poets fresh to the stage.

I slammed here last Fall and got third place which still had a 35 dollar cash prize which was pretty good for 3rd place!

But I know that I could have won the slam that evening.  It would be nice to take home the 1st place cash prize tonight.  Something has shifted for me in my expression in the last few months and I have been feeling so much more comfortable in my body and in my words.  I am excited to see how this shifts my performances.  I have been practicing all of my old poems breathing new life into them and have been so excited to test them out tonight! So send out all of your vibes this evening around 8-10 as I slam tonight!

If you are in the area and are interested in going to the slam with us tonight, hit me up! Roll out with us for a fun evening! leaving here around 4ish to enjoy the day and the drive! See you soon!

See y’all soon, I’ll update y’all with the results,


Upon Impact/When Waking

Immediately upon impact
It is vital that I write down all the details
I forget otherwise what I even exist for
It’s as if my life only exists in the pages of scribbled notebooks
Jotted down in hurries as if trying to preserve a memory
that would otherwise be lost.
So when that moment comes each morning
And the sun tempts me to pause
Or her smile shifts my waking into concrete stone
I am floating, slowing down time
Asking myself to be diligent in keeping my existence
Close enough to my heart to remember.
That is how I learned, that upon impact
It is of utmost importance
That I write down all the details.


Breathing in fresh air into the aged wisdom that
Sprouted forth so much growth in its season.
And now, without a doubt lingering in its cross hairs
The trigger is already pulled
I have already remembered what it feels like
To be young in the twilight of your wisdon
The 10:30 recess reminding you of fresh air
And that being trapped in rooms made of concrete walls
Is no way to squander the prime years of imagination.
No trees to give faces and voices
The missing clouds breaking away and forming into spilled milk
With no one to witness its glorious tipping.
Let us roam free once again, like every moment
was recess.

We exist in the infinite.

The waiting beyond the moments of waking is an illusion,
believe in the reality that dreams are not make-believe
but memories multiple in origin
deeply rooted in wisdom both ancient and future.
The wise counsel of elders paints
pictures by which we can remember
a clearer vision of the past,
given to us by those who created it
instead of by those have destroyed it.

The first thing to notice about a person
is how interested they are in your story.
there is so much violence that happens
in the destroying or forgetting of human experience.
the joys of triumph that echo into hearts
not stolen from another but celebrated with in remembrance.
Or the defeat of a recklessness so powerful
in its tide, all are wiped out in its wake.
These are the times in which we live
and both the future and past present themselves to us
as gifts in that we might understand this moment.
here, and now
they try come and go in the movement of hope or nostalgia
but in their true stillness they exist in the infinite.

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