Monthly Archives: August 2011

Connecting the dots.

Hello family! What a unique opportunity we have been given as humans in this life to share in each others creativity, to celebrate with one another in our triumphs of our emotional journeys  and in our struggles with the pain of life and loss but to stand with each other on the other side able to speak about what those moments meant to us and how they taught us to be strong and overcome our fears.  I have been blessed to meet along my journey as a writer so many people that have been inspirations to me by sharing their hearts on stages across the land searching for ways to awaken the spirits of the people to continue on, to move forward with relentless possibilities awaiting us.  So many brave new voices and bold writers speaking truth into this world.

As a poet and as a community builder and organizer I have been grateful to experience life from the perspective of a performer and poet and also from the perspective of learner and student listening to the voices that are bravely inspiring and challenging us every day.

I want to give tribute to these voices and bring awareness in the small little corner of community and space I inhabit.  I am going to post some of my favorite performances and poems from other poets in a series of posts in the next few weeks, some friends, some poets i do not know but nonetheless have become an inspiration to me in some way.  So be on the lookout as I begin posting in the next few weeks!