For my Niece Reagan Grace Martinez:

The doctors might try to tell you
someday that you can’t do this
or can’t be that.
Perhaps they believe
that your limits are already found
in the tender body you carry
so gracefully.
You are your namesake
and you wear it so proudly.
So presumptuous, doctors
say you will only learn to the capacity of a
3rd grader if you are lucky.
And you are lucky.
Cause I remember how much
I loved the third grade.
And how being all “grown up”
totally cramped my style.
If you are always a kid,
then you are fortunate to never have to see the
world through the lenses
which they force us to look through;
plain without imagination.
And trust me, it isn’t such a pleasant sight
to behold.
You will still see the wonders
of what it means to be alive.
Still know what it means
to breathe the air that gives us life.
Still hold the moments of being loved
deep in your chest.
And when you cry
You will remind us all
what it sounds like to be so innocent.
Cause I remember that being a child
meant the whole world
was still in front of me.
That endless possibilities
were never cut short
by doctors who can’t ever
know what you are capable of doing.
Cause I know
that you can do anything.
And I will always tell you this.
Till you take your first steps to your daddy
and you smile your big smile
I will stand strong to believe that
You are everything you need to be
in that blessed body you carry.

You can do anything Rea Rea.
And I hear you speak this back to me
in the depths of your eyes
the way they shift back and forth
looking past our fears
to see us as we already are.
Your vision is your gift.
The lenses from which you see the world
will be the new focus we need to understand
that You, already know all this.
I never needed to tell you.
You are just trying to get us to believe it too.


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