that all we ever needed
already rests inside
our broken ribs
bruised skin and all.
We are more than enough
to encounter
the most fearsome
demons this world
could throw our way.
We are healers
made of flesh and bone
that breaks and scars
in momentary instances
when we are pushed
to the limits of what
we know to be true.
Yet still, we are a resilient
kind of existence.
Able to fight through wounds
running forward
into battles that
have threatened our
way of becoming.
We must hold fast
and remember how
we have gotten to where we are.
Paths paved behind us
Looking forward to squint
till the light looks like hope
and the setting sun
is no threat of the dark.For we are not afraid,
having traveled thus far
and we have journeyed
into the strength we have gained
by stepping out.
in front of
yet surviving
all the less


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