The time has come
For us to stand strong in
the strength in which these words
are learning to resonate
into the energy of beings
finding their way
flowing into the rhythm
of a universe so clever
in its intricacies and
bold in its creative expressions
By allowing poets the ability
to create worlds with words
by conjuring spells that seem to
come to fruition
in the heart of sacred
the pen
to paper
written in the motion
of prayers
and thanksgiving.

Exercising fears
from hearts that long
to break free from the shackles we have chained
ourselves to
I have been surprised
countless times
by the surprising precision
in which prayers
formed in poems
are listened to in
the heart of creation
and answered
Excited about the prospect
of those who speak into existence
the courage
with which they seek
to face the mirrors
of their lives that taunt
back the darkness
in which we live.

I am eager to know
that my fears
though presented
in the form of dragons
breathing fire
into the veins of our blood
in the scariest of moments
can be transformed
into the princesses
seeking rescue from itself.
We are poets. With the power
to create and destroy. To wield pens
like swords and wands.
Words become our spells
and sheaths.

This is me,
faithful to the gift
we are given.
Unafraid of that
which is to come
At once, bold and brave
ready to stand beautiful
In the face of a dragon.


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