The changes
of which our hearts
shift in the wind
or burn like fire
allow us to remember
that the elements
and how they manifest
are similar to our hearts
and they way they love.

Like water,
in its fluidity
like the washing
and cleansing
of mistakes
or in the flooding
like a damn
trying to hold on.
Or in waves
that roll crashing
onto shore
reckless in its abandon
unaware of its power.

The fire,
burning away
old embers of wood
no longer
needed to be consumed
to keep us warm.
Old thoughts
refined in the flames
of purple light

The wind
blowing away the ashes
of all that has falls away
into the lightness of air
that pushes and pulls
in the movement of
weight unbearable in its lightness.

The soil of earth absorbing
seeds we have planted
through the desire of our hearts
we are nothing more than
the majestic expression
of the elements
in all their power
and strength
and destruction
the universe
to gift us with
the ability to love.


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