The necessities
in which we left each other
continue to echo
throughout the restlessness
filling the damp air
in this deep well
where my wounded solitude

Unable to understand
the choices we have had to make
and the reasons
we find ourselves here
in the first place
I have tried to listen
carefully to the fears
that have been exposed
in the shattered pieces
of my armor.

A wounded soldier
unable to stand guard
over your solitude
I have become
My confusion

in these passing moments
These words
serve as a reminder
that In the life of loving
I can never cease to guard over
my own.

For in doing so
I have learned how to love
you fiercely
And in facing my fears
I have gained new abilities
in which to exercise
the demons that have haunted
us before
in the holding tight
of hands unable to let go.

And I have come to believe
that in the depths,
the pain in which we allow
ourselves to encounter
is the same cleansing waters
that baptize us into
the wonders of love.
Of letting go
Much like the waves hit shores
with momentary rage
and pass through in serenity
of its arrival and departure.

So are we.
passing moments.
Flurries of waves
in rage and serenity
Lost and confused
arriving and departing.


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