There aren’t enough answers
for the questions left
laying in
the broken fragments
of delicate emotions
being shattered again
and again
in the fashion
of open hearts
willing to be vulnerable
to the fears
residing in
glass jars
clear and fragile

and sometimes
there are only moments
of shifting
reflecting back
images of
that we allow
to push away fear
into the corners
of our insecurities
and the understanding
that we are more
than what our eyes can see
more than
how our hearts break

For in the growing of new skin
there isn’t enough
in the world
to convince me
that closing
hearts to fear
has answers for
the pain
that questions
its existence
in the life
of loving.
There isn’t enough
in this body
made of resilience
to make me believe
that broken mirrors
reflect back
the ways in which we know
how to love.

in the absence of
answers certainty
And in the presence
of pain
there is only this;

arms held out
with palms
to wood
wide open
in the movement
of giving
and bodies letting go
of the affirmation
that our love is in question.
For this is who we are
This is how we love
are irrelevant


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