Monthly Archives: May 2011


There aren’t enough answers
for the questions left
laying in
the broken fragments
of delicate emotions
being shattered again
and again
in the fashion
of open hearts
willing to be vulnerable
to the fears
residing in
glass jars
clear and fragile

and sometimes
there are only moments
of shifting
reflecting back
images of
that we allow
to push away fear
into the corners
of our insecurities
and the understanding
that we are more
than what our eyes can see
more than
how our hearts break

For in the growing of new skin
there isn’t enough
in the world
to convince me
that closing
hearts to fear
has answers for
the pain
that questions
its existence
in the life
of loving.
There isn’t enough
in this body
made of resilience
to make me believe
that broken mirrors
reflect back
the ways in which we know
how to love.

in the absence of
answers certainty
And in the presence
of pain
there is only this;

arms held out
with palms
to wood
wide open
in the movement
of giving
and bodies letting go
of the affirmation
that our love is in question.
For this is who we are
This is how we love
are irrelevant


San Francisco City Slam Finals

Hey Y’all.

I made it to the final round of the San Francisco City Slam! They will be held on Sunday May 8th at the Luggage store Gallery. I am really excited for this opportunity to make a team for this summer’s National Poetry Slam held in Boston Ma. I would represent the city of San Francisco and compete nationally against the other teams all across the nation.  (It looks like LA is gonna have some bad ass teams representing this summer as well)

Im just asking that y’all send me some good vibes from where ever you are.  I know a lot of people have been following my whereabout and have supported me so much in my journey as a writer and poet and performer.  I am thankful for you all, and know that I can feel your support from so far away.  So if you remember, think of me this week as the day gets closer.  I’m working on some new material as well! Thanks for the inspiration that you are and the gift of life that you celebrate in with us each day.  Give out some smiles! Ill keep you all posted!




we continue on
in the steady force of
Life that pushes and pulls
in the dancing of
the setting sun
And the entrance of
the rising moon
Of scorching earth
and cleansing tides
Making new in the only way
We know how;
Infinite symmetry.

Finding rhythm
embedded deep in our souls
trapped beneath
the layers of
masks and misconceptions
which we are forced to examine
Without caution

We continue on.
Patient in the
timing of shores
that trust
In the
Of the inevitable
Of molecules
made to wash clean
The imperfections we
we told to pick up
along the way.

We Continue on
In the letting go
of fearful dreams
That rest in palms
Struggling to remain open.
Where the wrinkles
of our hands
Tell stories
Of opening and closing
To where our despair
rests most heavily
in the secrets of
Closed fists.

We Continue on
in stepping into each moment
Trusting in the gifts
Of life and gratitude.
Knowing that we
are nothing more or less
than creatures of earth
that live and die
to give and receive
eternal gifts
in the presence of each.

We continue on