You sleep
and in the midst of dreams
you bear a child
in your womb
and in your resting
you are creating life
with a vigor
that no man
could know
or with passion
no scorpions
could match.

And maybe you
Always the strong one,
feel like
sometimes you aren’t yet
ready to be
a mother.
And I know sometimes
You face fears
that you have never seen before.
But the courage
with which you face them
leave imprints
on a spine
not yet
to stand up to those monsters.

And you,
You face those monsters
with a dead look in the eye
ready to show the world
how much
you have become
in the throes of life
springing forth
from your body
the weight
like I have never seen.
in some moments
Too feathery to catch
in others.
And in the passing
of 10 moons
you have taught me
what it means
to trust
in the growing fashion of seasons
of the temporary moments
that attempt to swallow us whole
of joy and sorrow
and how they look
in the growing hands
of a child.
and in the tender feet
of the innocent ones that walk this earth.
Soon to hold
your child in your hands
ready to be held back
by cries  that rock
to and fro
in need and want
and you
ready as you will ever be
To nurture the life
you created in your womb.



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