what we do is give thanks

by trusting

when the storm

holds our frail bodies

under the warmth

forcing us to hide

beneath the cover of shelter

then seemingly leaves

us with nothing to be grateful for

we must hear

the rhythm of rain

dropping to the pavement

in a pitter and patter of

praise and sorrow

as the song of clouds

joining in the chorus

of infinite movement

we give thanks.

when the moon waxes

in the retrograde of mars

pushing the force of tides

with what feels like

the strength

of every body of water

and ocean

comes rushing


into the seams

of a life we thought

was in our control

we are reminded

how the clouds and the moon

are above us

the earth beneath our feet

stands us up to face the sun

and the rain that washes

us clean

is the same composition

of which we are mostly made

we are written

in story

as cloud

as moon

as rain.

as earth.

And in between,

we stand

to give thanks.


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