If you were to
Reach through my chest
pull out my heart
and examine its content
At this moment
chances are it would
Most likely resemble
A tiny little snow globe
With a model city
full of Lost Angels
Filled with water and smog
A sepia hue that tints the glass
Reflecting back a sunset
On Sunset
Miniature cars jam roads
And Small voices chirp
To The tongues of their mother

And if you were to shake this globe
Place it back inside my chest
It would probably break
Under the weight
Of the distance that has spanned
And the seasons (or non seasons)
That have passed on through time
In the wake of changes and shifts
Both beautiful and tragic
You are still my heart
And I shake and beat
For you
You are still
My home
For now,
I carry you in my chest
And when my heart beats
Like a small tiny globe of a city
The mountains around us rumble
Shaking in the flutter of your wings


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