It took me a moment
to recall
But the boyish grin
stamped across my face upon waking
Reminded me that you came to visit me in my dreams again.
I forced myself to stay in bed
And let my slumber find shade
In the shadows of fluorescent clouds moving across the sun
Where the creativity of evening
Make lucid the colors in which we dream.
And I am certain
Your visits are becoming more frequent
As we are learning together
How to bridge the gap of the distance
That floats between us
As your laugh traverses through miles
Of highways and language
To echo into my innocence the feeling of being lost
Your wonder still fresh in the 2 year old frame of a body you carry
But your eyes in their wisdom already tell stories we have yet to hear
Goofy smiles and fearless jumps
Teach me that ledges are meant to be jumped off of.
I’m sorry that I’m not there to see you grow
and perhaps someday soon I will return
But until then,
I will always remember to cherish
Rising to the morning sun
To discover your boyish grin
Stamped neatly across my face


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