There are days
When the morning alarm
Sounds like the warning
Of incoming invasion
And the city in which
My slumber rests
Evacuates in a frenzy of
Droopy eyed delirium
And the city officials
Declare a state of emergency
Until the governing body
Panics itself into submission
Calling it forth to break from it’s sleep
Forced to rise at it’s calling

But I’ve discovered
In the sleepiness of waking
My Dreams can never be interrupted
And I’ve learned to wake each morning
With the hope of a city reborn
Ready to rise from the ashes of routine
To make magic through mischief
While turning madness into monotony
I’ve become a dreamer
Floating though this waking life
In dazed motions unhindered
By the call of false intrusion
Where the morning alarm is nothing more
Than a snooze button for my dreaming


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