Monthly Archives: March 2011

In Rememberance of You

Perhaps I have been away too long

And I have forgotten how to recall the moments of

Your smile that shift the waking of my sleep

seamlessly into daydreams.

And the scent of your skin at dawn

awakening my senses,

to inhale the ocean breeze as it rises to greet the sun.

Somehow it has escaped me,

the rhythm of your breath

dancing with mine, keeping time to the music of subtle bodies,

And how the melody of your voice

tunes chords that strike notes in the most passionate meditations of my soul.

Yet still,

Each night, in the closing of my eyes

I rest in the comfort of dreams revealing your smile in our reaching.

And when sleep arrives, the remnants of your scent soothe restless thoughts

that casts away doubt into the reflection of the moon lit evening.

And always,

I am assured I can find you waiting tenderly in the breath of each moment

dancing free in the solitude of our rhythm,

As our voices vibrating in the music of the stars, creating melodies that pierce

the dark noise found circling our distance.

And suddenly, (as if waking to a dream)

I am reminded that in lifetimes past and futures waiting,

It was, and never will be possible

That I (entangled in our love) could ever forget you.