Monthly Archives: February 2011

For Evann

Tonight, the shining moon reminds me that we remain connected.

In the newness of life together with the cycles of rebirth I remember you,

The way both our smiles shine in reflection

We are ever expanding stars reaching for night skies.

And though the dust that falls from our shoulders feels like we are crumbling elements

awaiting our expiration.

We have discovered how to leave behind trails telling stories of battles we have fought

revealing scars left behind in the wake of healing.

For we are forces of life passing through hands in unrelenting rhythm

Seeking forgiveness like missing pieces of a puzzle.

Finding unfamiliar portraits in broken mirrors hoping to be repaired.

For our beauty shines deep in the darkness, and perhaps not every eye can see it yet.

(perhaps not even our own)

Yet somehow we remember how stars shine within the immensity at which they remain

For the subtle truth is this:

Stars from which we seek guidance each night have already expired.

And yet somehow they remain to tell their stories,

Traversing through time,

traveling as light,

relearning how to live and die the lessons of forgiveness

For as they do in life and even in their death they remain bright beacons guiding us on our journey.