The Ground Beneath Us.

There are moments in the life of artists that feels like the ground beneath our feet is always shifting.

Where unsteady rocks and quickened sand hold that status quo answers for ransom.

Unsure steps approach standard words w/ caution as we navigate the questions of how to live this waking life

While finding a way to maintain in our dreams  the actions that feel most alive inside of us,

like giving birth inside a womb pregnant with inspiration.

We Are

Creation unhindered.

Fearless hands that stand at attention.

We are

Bold voices casting forth the truth of our existence into the streams of pervasive lies flowing through the current

as Uncalloused hearts that bruise easily with the constant revolving of doors that open again and again to the infinite possibilities of creation

We are planting seeds of expression into the fertility of ripened imaginations

To become a force of words cascading down through broken hearts like streams of water purifying itself along the way.

We are dancing bodies tuning to the rhythm of the earth in the song of liberation.

We are eyes sprouting light from opened hands learning  to shift colors into the reflection of our dreams.

We are all invited to participate in telling the stories of an age unsure of its wisdom

To sing in the orchestra of a collective chorus chanting to the chimes of vision

And here lies our work.

To recognize how the sturdiest part of the ground beneath us

Is found in steps that cannot know with certainty if it will land,

Knowing that falling on your face is another opportunity to kiss the earth.

To keep the expression of our being alive in the soil of our creativity

For the ground beneath us is sacred

And it holds us up still.


One thought on “The Ground Beneath Us.

  1. theda says:

    i like the idea of it not knowing if it will ad.. kiss the earth. and a bunch othe r yummy goodies!

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