Intentions vs. resolutions.

Happy New Year everybody! It has been a long while since I have posted here.  So much has changed and so many different things have been going on.  As I am sure you all have experienced, life passes so quickly and often times before we even realize it, so much has happened.  So happens that the new year brings time to reflect on moments that went too fast and to  be grateful for the moments that may have gone too slow (in our understanding). We are given the opportunity to slow down, and allow the moments that stand between the silences a little more time to rest.  And so here come the silences that finally receive words of their own and more often than not for me become poems.

I resolve to start the new year with the practice of mindfulness and awareness in all moments. To find peace and contentment in the present, breathing in and out with gratitude for all things, and to treat all beings with love and kindness.

I believe that setting intentions for the new year have really powerful force behind them.  New Years resolutions are often made and kept and broken with a sense of judgment and expectation on the self.  And often times we put a heavy weight on ourselves with the hefty rigidity of lofty expectations that we put on our selves, instead, I invite us all to try and change our approach towards resolutions for a new year and instead set intentions that weigh much less in judgment and give space for an open movement of fluidity, like water in open hands.  Envision all the aspects of your life that you would like to see happen in the next year and reflect on the reasons those things come about and build depth into the layers that find themselves buried in all of your aspirations and dreams.  Sifting through those pieces, gather them and shower them with the intentions that gave them life, plant them in the fertile soil of possibilities and let them find space and give them all the room needed to grow.  Let those intentions and dreams for the new year find richness and space to grow, sunlight and water to root and watch your dreams grow and bloom in due time.  With patience and care, we can begin to see ourselves grow and reach new heights and wonders yet unknown.  It is truly a wonderful and magical place to be.  In the time and space of movement and growth in the present moment of each breath we take.  Let us be grateful, and let us celebrate together the dreams and aspirations that we will all see grow in the new year!! Blessings.



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