So I was rifling through my old blog the other day….

And I found a lot of old pieces that I had wrote from 2005-2007.  Some pieces that were 5 years old! Can you believe that? A lot of them I still liked, while a lot of them I found to be embarrassingly awful. I’m gonna go ahead and post some Old pieces occasionally to spice things up here on my blog! So if you are interested, check back regularly and see if something old (new to you) pops up!  So for my first throwback…. we are going way back to April 30, 2007. I remember writing this piece for a friend.  It was a dream that I had about meeting her mother….. Enjoy!

your mother…..
Last night I had a dream that I met your mother
we talked in mostly  dream like mumbles,
and our hands never seemed to touch
I caught Hints of childhood and potty training
you in PJ’s brushing your teeth.
Lists of presents you asked Santa for
and proof that you were never a naughty child.
Only if Santa knew what you would eventually become,
Your mother says you would have never gotten that bike.

She told me that you used to paint pictures of
what you thought your daddy looked like.
They always made her cry, but she never let you see her tears.
She hid them under her bed till you went to sleep.
Then she whispered to me, “They looked just like him.”

Pig tails made you look cute
Pony tails made you look sporty
Your daily intuition chose
which one you liked for the day.
She never knew how, but you had a system.

Sometimes at night you would mumble songs that were stuck in your head.
“Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that your used to”
She thought of waking you, but you were always smiling, so she never bothered.
Sometimes she sang along with you if she knew the words.

You had pneumonia twice in your life.
She almost lost you three times.
You almost lost her once.
She told me about that time when she left you at the mall.
Then how you cried so viciously when she found you
You told her that you would never forgive her for leaving you.
She thinks you have been true to that promise.

We talked and laughed about how you like to twitch
your nose when you are excited.
I pointed out all the idiosyncrasies that
she passed down to you, she denied them all.
Coincidence i guess.

Pictures of prom
broken hearts
great hair.

Cell Phone Bills,
Total Request live on MTV
“Damn I need to get her a car.”
“You just don’t know what I am going through.”

She knew.
She got you a car.
She loved Carson Daly
She paid your cell phone bill till you were 21.

Of course she would, she is your mother.
Of course you would, you are her daughter.

We Continued talking till Sunset.
And I thought she was you for a split second.
When I told her that I loved you,
she twitched her nose in excitement.
Coincidence i guess.



One thought on “So I was rifling through my old blog the other day….

  1. Blakk Dahlia says:

    “Coincidence I guess.”

    I keep your page on my web browser. Hoping to catch a glimpse of something beautiful, and powerful.

    And this was.

    This deserves to be heard, and it deserves a comment, a comment that tells you how much it affected me…
    and how beautiful it was…
    even though it was something you wrote back then..
    It was great, and your pen remains great.

    I loved the story in all of it’s entirety thank you for sharing it with me….


    Wow Speechless. Foreal.

    From a writer to another…

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