LA, Our City Video

My newest video has arrived! Big props to my dear friend Ryan Maxey from Maxey Fish and Sea Productions ( He is a beautiful lion of a man with amazing talent and vision, and a creativity that really sees what can develop in the moments when our creativity exposes itself to the world.  It was a fun video to make (you will never not have fun hanging out with Maxey by the way). We basically took a beautiful sunny Saturday in our lovely city with no destination in mind, purchased a tap pass and got the camera rolling.  And this is a result of the fun that we had.

It was a fun experience being able to speak these words in a public space and ride the streets of LA, trying to connect with the people of the city.  With the content of the piece that I wrote speaking to the pain of our city and the scars that we bear with each other, I wanted to speak these words into the exact space where we are encountering our pain in each other, our daily transportation and how we get around in public spaces.  Seeing the looks of the various faces of the people and their reactions portray  a certain surrealism with the way the poem and its words weave into the space a certain embodiment of our fears towards each other.  I noticed that I encountered a certain indifference to my presence, as if people hope to continue on with their days with as little distractions as possible and suddenly we find ourselves shut off to people, to their stories and to the magical encounters that we leave abandoned at the table of our indifference. (of course I would start writing poetry just trying to explain my poem) It is my hope that these words will spread out into the consciousness  of our city and help us create a space in our lives, intentions and hearts that is willing to be surprised by our ability to connect, not in spite of our language barriers, but because of.  Let this piece speak to you in whatever ways it moves and find ways to learn to embrace the people that you encounter in the special moments that life opens up to us.  Enjoy!


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