Monthly Archives: February 2010


Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, in the form of friends and lovers, people in funny looking disguises,. Music and poets, words and shapes in the moment your heart is open and the moment your heart breaks. For inspiration to come we just need to open ourselves to it reception allow your souls to be fed and the eyes to be given new vision, the inception of thought comes from the hope of new meaning and the growth of new life, inspired by hearts that give away birth rights and lives that never knew what it meant to say “that is mine” for we are all people with open hands palms reached up to the sky for we give and we give, up until the moment that we die, to keep and to keep is to never live life. For in holding our hands tight, we grip the edges of life without ever really letting go, only holding on and sinning, we only hope that we are the ones winning. So we hold on. And we grab tight, till our veins in our arms begin to glow white and the red of our blood is turned to cold snow over night, we can’t hope to feel the suns rays when we live fearing today, holding on for tomorrow, it can only bring pain and increase sorrow. For that is not living. Breawthe in for the moment, its right in front of you, and it never passes you by, if you can just see that it’s livingm breathing its giving us life, it’s all we have and we never have to grab it, just breathe it in and even if you wanted you never really could have it for its not ours to posses, just something to confess and to acknowledge it as best moments of living. When we never have to grab, push, pull or have, just be, exist and let it come to you, then you will find that moment by moment you can find that we are true.


Live Performance of “A Dedication to Women Who Love Women” Urbane Culture