For those that have forgotten how to dream

This is a reminder for those who have forgotten how to dream
spending waking moments anxious for rest.
For the world of dreams awaits your arrival with open palms,
transforming crossword puzzles into beautiful psalms
dancing upon stars awakening the moon to sing us lullabies to sleep.
For we were all born as dreamers.
But some of us have forgotten how to dream.

This is for dreamers afraid to venture into the lucidity of grey clouds
where breath-taking pictures expose the darkest moments of your self-doubt,
and for the dreamers scared to face their uncertain futures
for they might accidentally dream them out loud.

This is for those who have made homes out of misshapen wood
and forsaken ideals left alone in abandoned fields.
and For the broken man who receives blank stares
with each check of welfare but never enough money to heal.
This is for the dying child whose innocence
was stolen by the impatient grips of death.
And for parents who had to witness their only child’s last breath
They too have no innocence left.

This is for the single mothers worn down by the demands of an overbearing society
In dreams, there is always rest for the weary.
and for veterans left cold in the dust of an unjust war-machine,
these run-down streets are no place for you to be redeemed,
so kick back dust, and raise some hell, in dreams you have a story to tell.
This is for lonely hearts, wishing for someone to share their dreams with
to bottle them up and keep them warm during winter.
and For the victims of rape whose dreams were made silent by the worst form of sinner,
speak until till they hear you, find courage through your fears
for your spirit is not yet broken and your dreams might someday be healed.
This is For young women stripped naked of self-esteem
by the beast of self-degradation and the god-damned advertisements of Maybelline,
no need to make up your inherent beauty.
I know for a fact that you are born with it,
you need to see it in your own dreams.

This is a reminder, for those of us who have forgotten how to dream.
You see, Abstract realities can speak volumes if you just listen
if you got the ears to hear then take your dreams out of the kitchen
quit reading news papers reflections of the fucked up world that we live in
paint the world and draw the lines
without the need to be forgiven
Cause the world and how you see it is exactly what it is
Fuck the need to run and hide we are no longer lonely fugitives
So blaze your trails make new colors and stretch canvass as you need
Use imagination as your pallet follow your dreams where they may lead
And remember this, When they try to make your reality
in your dreams you can make believe.

This is for you,
former dreamers. Broken people.Weary hearts.
When you find yourself ready to dream again
All you have to do is close your eyes.


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