breathe in the new year.

Breathe in the new year. It tells stories of the past and turns them into leaves left behind a trail
Waiting for the next person to encounter the hues of color they reflect.
Dancing along with the movement in a sing song rhythm made of spiced air and frosted sheathes of wind.
Our lungs expand for hope to be taken in, and our hearts for people’s smiles to contract.
And in our own secret layers we see the horizon leak into the cave and shadows retreat.
We have gone through a part of the journey, not to be unscathed but to be the rest
That is never promised to the weary. Breathe in the new year…….

Breathe in the new year with reminders of the trails behind us
As we reach into the past to find the future .We’ve always held in our hands
Everything we have needed to be.  Let the trails we blaze be reflections of all the
Past visions we have seen.   Breathe in the new year.


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