I’m getting somewhere

My grandfather once told me that creativity was like magic. It’s been a few weeks since I started this whole free write thing.  And It seems to be that it is really beginning to unlock new things for me and access different points of my creativity.  The freedom to write with no remorse really unleashes previously inaccessible ideas or emotions and puts on paper (computer screen) new words and contexts for truths that I was not ready to face.  Yet somehow this new freedom has begun to unlock within myself new inspiration.  That coupled with the focused time that I have been able to spend with my writing since moving out of the house has allowed me to sit a lot more with what I have experienced and move forward with the new ways that I have evolved within myself.  It’s almost like looking into a mirror a lot clearer, and with much more insight as to why I have been the way I am.  And what triggers those emotions and feelings.

I’m getting somewhere, and it feels good to know that I am going down the right path, even though I have no clue as to where that path is leading, its good to know that feeling of familiarity once again, being close with good people, good inspiration found in good friends.  Opportunity is so bright and there is so much to experience and see, and that is all it takes for me to recognize that the next steps are always going to be exciting.

I made a friend today that spoke such wise words of insight about me so quickly upon meeting. It felt like she knew a lot of things about me already that I have only begun to know and accept about myself.  I’m finally on the journey to discover what it is that I love to do and find such life in, and I need to really keep allowing this creativity to sprout into new places with new branches and leaves.  To build a tree house with these words and hide under the fort of passion and belief.  It’s free.  Even the ways that I am learning to reflect about myself will shift and the personal awareness that I have of my own situation and the events and situations that I find myself to be in will all be relearned and shifted.  the language is changing to fit new modes of thought and here I am trying to give them all new definitions.  I love speaking, and I love writing.  Words give such insight and wisdom is reflected back in simply listening to other people’s words.

I’m getting somewhere.  And I don’t know where the fuck this place is leading, but it’s freeing.  And its starting to feel like home finally, right here in this place.  Me.  Home. You are who you are with.  Its beginning to make its way even into my solitude, when it breaks in the places that have always been so private, I know that new things are beginning to become born, into a cocoon of ideas and words an new world opens itself up.  And I’m getting somewhere, the street lights have new signs, and the people smile new smiles, even after awhile all the colors start to file into single shapes and new renditions, 2.0 and past revisions. this decision.  Is never the last or most important.  It’s the person that makes that decision that matters most. I’m getting somewhere.  I am not quite sure yet just where I’m going, but as I’ve said before I am learning and I am growing.  And maybe things will start to get clearer once I allow myself to trust these roads.  the process of becoming is always taking hold, and forcing us to ask these questions, our voices become bold, our stories become told, and our wisdom becomes old. Finally discovering that my whole life this has been what I was wishin’ So if creativity truly is magic, I find myself becoming a magician.


One thought on “I’m getting somewhere

  1. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, I am sure you are getting somewhere if not already

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