My love affair with words (Part 1)

I think I’m in love with words again.
She’s been a lover an enemy an old friend.
We have history.
This isn’t an easy story for me to tell.
There were moments we either went there and back
or moments we were tight as; hell.
But it’s still hard to say
Cause words and I have been through so much since  back in the day.

Rewind 8 years old second grade.
I was playing in the field trying to explain to my classmates
that people who ate alligators
Should probably drink gatorade.
And no one understood the sense I made
Other than myself.
And words. You see from early on I understood words.
Or maybe it’s that words understood me
Reading books at 3, Telling stories  at 4. By the time I was 5
Started flirting with words by saying
Sally sold sea shells by the sea shore”
Over and over again until I couldn’t repeat it anymore.
I adored words.
More than any other boy or girl.
Words had my undivided attention from the start.
So naturally words took my heart
Like putting my horse before the cart.
I wasn’t ready for what this love entailed.
Detailed lessons to follow made my words even more difficult to swallow.
In my arrogance replete of a variety of words in my repertoire I would mock my friends with a hollow
“Haven’t you heard?” Next year we’ll be in third grade and maybe you guys should find some new words.
They would reply “Haven’t you heard?”Next year we’ll be in third grade and you’ll still be a nerd.
After giving them props for the semi-clever joke they made,
immediately I thought it would have been much funnier if they had said I was still gonna be in Nerd grade.
But nonetheless I felt played, and i figured it was cause I was hanging out with words so much.

For the sake of fitting in I started losing interest in rhymes and syllables we sort of lost touch.
I starting hiding rocks under tables
just to fit in with my friends I eventually left words so I could hang out with slang,
And I started thinking I was rad and others were bland,
I was so cool and you were a MULE.
And I stopped seeing words cause i thought it would make me cool,
but in retrospect I eventually realized that leaving words made me look like a fool.


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