Food Alliteration.

Hungry? Sick?
Been eating bad food?
That’s no surprise!
The food industry has us eating out of their hands
And they haven’t washed them in years.
Need help sorting through the bullshit and lies?
Want to quell your health induced fears?
Well you should know the problems about food in this nation.
So here goes a lesson about food, in alphabetic alliteration.

Aided and abetted by appetites allowance of adversaries.
Broken and besetting by busy “benevolent” beneficiaries.
Culled and carefully cooked creatures with the culinary.
Dimly dazed into doom and detached from the dizzy dairy.
Ever engulfed, enveloped or ensued by the eating edifice of
Fools who Foolishly fake fast food by fabricating false
goods while “graciously” gaining greatness in the hoods.
Heaving heavy hands hiding hooves under Halogen.
Ingesting increments of injected iodine to instinctively imagine
that the jesters jealous joke isn’t just for jack and jill.
Kin of klu klux klan use kraft (Trademark) to kindly kill.
By lying on labels and living lavishly on large land.
While maneuvering midnight munchies to make Mcdonald’s the “MAN”
Never know their neighbors nor the new nutritionism
Open and ostensibly ordered by old oligarchies pushing pyramids as opium
quickly replaced by setting sins into salt and sodium,
salvation sits silently in our sanctuary.
Telling us truth told together taught trough the tertiary.
United in universal understanding in culture
we will vie for virtue through vegans not vultures.
We wait like willy wonka wants to weaken wrong waste.
Xenophobic Xylophones can only xerox
You young and zealous zealots. Just taste.
Real FOOD. that comes from the ground.
grown out of soil and sound practice ways to cook eat and find,
food that god, godess or evolution designed.
and maybe some of the problems your facin.
will become a lot clearer, with this lesson in alphabetic alliteration.


One thought on “Food Alliteration.

  1. Julian says:

    So…what’s real FOOD?

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