Monthly Archives: September 2008

We Are

We are disconnected.
As humans we were meant to thrive on the connection of human soul to human soul
like a life line surging through our humanity finding its way to making us whole.
Hand in hand, body to body, and voice to ear, speaking kind words to listen, hearing strong words to hear
laughter mixed with laughter and smile to smile, from the wise counsel of an elder, to the innocent tears of a child
but we are now so disconnected.

We struggle with the weight of expectation.
False images bombarding us with messages of who and what to be
depictions of worth and value funneled through advertisements, which we are forced to see.
Injecting us with a desire for beauty not formed from within but fabricated from the outside like skinny bodies, and perfect skin
all meant to perpetuate an idea of beauty that has no bearing in any kind of reality which we were ever meant to live in
so we struggle under the weight of expectations.

We can be connected.
Knowing that the strength of our hope lies in the power to work together
we can put the power into hands that hold theirs out forever.
Discovering that life is found in the moments of child-like laughter and in expressing to each other our fears
let our struggle be united and the let the connection last for years, for decades, for the remaining existence of humanity
flourishing in the energy of those we can hold and touch love and see.
We must hope to be connected,

We can hope be free of the weight of expectation
by learning to accept people just for who they are and me precisely for what I am
raising the bar of what’s collective and together we can raise our hands to lift the burden off our weary shoulders
removing the guns of advertisements out of holsters
destroying false images of fake beauty from the outside to write new histories of how beauty only reflects truly from the inside.
We must keep hope close to our heart
from the start It is our guiding beacon shining forth into the darkness separating the truth from the absurd.
It’s our bird of imagination taking flight into our skyline weaving tapestries of illumination into our words
To create a world with our imagination we must leave a fingerprint for freedom’s fame
connect constellations in the sky with our collective names.
Bridging chasms in our fear with wooden building blocks of pain.
Until finally WE BECOME hope and when we find ourselves we will discover a world of freedom and connection that will never be the same.