Monthly Archives: August 2008

Love Invented the Remix


The music of our souls only plays to the song that our love can compose.
As your smiles transform into sounds and my kisses become the prose
Of the words that you speak intertwining with the lyrics that I write
And my dreams of you when I’m waking becomes the place for me to quickly recite before I forget
all of the reasons why I knew I wanted to write this song with you.


The beat is laid down and the tapping of my fluttering heart
Breathes cymbal into high hats,
And the reverb of the way we vibe bounce off the speakers to help create feedback.
And your smile…your smile so intricate it has to be broken up into three tracks.
Track one, your bass line so deep that it drops into the depths of ideas and similes,
Track two is laced with samples so fresh that they breathe life back into me
Track three is the sound of your laugh, as it echoes back, looping into infinity
And as a matter of fact its your smile, your smile and its proud ability to be a song for itself despite the pain that would otherwise produce a frown
Was the first reason why I knew I wanted to write this song with you.


It’s comforting to know that our tempo can switch from 3/4/ to 7/8 without ever losing pace,
And im glad that we decided from the beginning that if we can’t see eye to eye We’ll work it out face to face.
And I love that sometimes when the music gets too loud and we can’t hear each other words,
you grab my hand to dance the music into oblivion till there is nothing left to be heard.
Your resilience and strength to break out into dance as an act of defiance in the midst of all of life’s struggles
Is another reason why I knew that I wanted to write this song with you.


Our song begins to Climax like the wave of a harmonic crescendo reaching its peak in a whirl wind of euphoria and bliss,
where together our secrets reveal our stories in every telling touch and in every gossiped kiss.
And we lay motionless,
Singing melodies so in tune that when you move I turn and when I hurt You burn
As we blend harmonies so tight into the fabric of our collective consciousness, that when I read, you learn.
And It’s Your ability to improvise and vibe, dancing right on point with each note that I play,
despite the way this complex and crazy mind works is yet another reason I knew, that I wanted to write this song with you.


Like every song, Ours begins to fade, and I begin to think Maybe its true what they say;
“Every good thing has to come to an end.”
Our gazes tide the stem of the record pin for just a few more seconds as we reflect upon the inevitable bend that will send our song back into the silence.
As we fight back the tears like war torn lovers resolving to remain strong,
Hearing the music fade I begin to put away the equipment and memories that would otherwise remain as reminders of our beautiful song.
And as I walk away I hear you say that Even though this song is over it doesn’t mean that we have is done.
You step closer and whisper to me. How about we take what we’ve made, sample, recut, and recreate, and write another one?
And as our song ends and the record player moves slowly to track 2.
I needed no more reasons to want to fall in love all over again just to write the remix with you.