Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Table is Set


The Church is on fire. Let it burn till we are free.
The table set two thousand years ago waits for us.
A tornado has hit my house. Let it whirl until the betrayal of my family has been witness
The table set two thousand years ago holds a place with my name on it
The earth quakes beneath the ghettos. Let it rock till the laws protect our people.
At the table set two thousand years ago there is a place filled with food for all.
There are floods in the city of New Orleans.  When we come together and the flood joins the river of justice, then we will eat.
The table is set. The time is now.


There is enough food prepared at the table for all of us to dine, a feast born out of the work of our own two hands,
stretched beyond the borders of all these lands, turned into our bread and wine.
We live in a world where bread and wine signify the very bloodline of our existence, manifested in  our patience to wait out the grain, born from the earth, nurtured and raised by the rain,  giving time for the yeast to rise, breathing forth life and meaning into a name.

The wine is the elixir of spirit into mind, as it flows through the blood pumping life into life, giving gift as to gift, until all that remains are the remnants of life that is ours to share. The grapes pressed beneath our heels, where we transfer energy into liquid that fuses life back into itself and toxins release into our minds and we expand to see beyond the horizons of indifference, breathing life into existence.


“Let them come! Let them come!”
The black and the white, the rich and the poor, the left and the right,
for all who have ears let them come forth and hear
“Let them come! Let them come!”

“Let them come! let them come!”
The tired and weary, the beaten and tortured, the  depressed and the dreary,
all those who have burdens of a cross which they bare.
“Let them come! Let them come!”

“Let them come! Let them come!”
The oppressed oppressor, they give and they take, and they act as confessor,
to the lies they have told and the bullshit that’s sold.
“Let them come! Let them come!”

“Let them come! Let them come!”
To where the table has been set, prepared, with bread and wine to where your life is affirmed and declared with mine,
to be given with hope, and be broken with time, where we feast and rejoice, with the bread and the wine.
“Let them come! Let them come!”